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A young man’s journey of survival and hope

Un voyage de survie et d'espoir

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My name is Edward Challita

Edward was born in Beirut, from Christian French/Lebanese parents who lived in West Beirut as French citizens during the devastating civil war in the 1970s. This is the story of Edward’s survival and escaping war from certain disaster. His life story carries a message of hope, showing that people, no matter what dire circumstances they find themselves in, can succeed despite overwhelming odds.



Edward now works in cyber security and has lived in the USA for most of his life, with two lovely kids, Angelina 13, and Leo 7. In his spare time, he is also an actor and producer.

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edward challita standing and thinking about from beirut to america book
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About Edward Challita

Edward Challita is a Lebanese-American author whose life has been marked by a twenty-six-year journey from a life in Lebanon during the civil war, to France, and then the USA. His experience is a unique one, marked by peril and strife, but then also by hope and redemption in the end. In his books, Edward shares his life story and the lessons he learned along the way. Through his writing, he hopes to inspire others to overcome their own struggles and find hope and redemption in their own lives.

Edward Challita's Books

From Beirut to America, Part 1

From Beirut to America, Part 2

De Beyrouth à l'Amérique, Partie 1 

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